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Sl.No Website Idea Short Description
1 Split expenses with friends Mobile application for Social expense management, to maintain bill splitting amounts with friends.
2 Finance & Accounting S/W Finance and accounting software for smaill and medium size businesses.
3 Pre order crowdfunding platform Platform to raise funds for a product. Crowd fund to the project to get the product in exchange.
4 Crowfunding for donations for a cause Platform to raise funds for donations to causes such as Relief Funds, Medical treatments etc.
5 P2P Payments + Prepaid Wallet Prepaid cash loadable mobile app for payments to friends, merchants
6 Bitocin Wallet Mobile app for storing bitcoins. Can be used for payments in bitcoins at merchants store.
7 Bitcoin Exchange A bitcoin financial product suite which offers a bitcoin exchange, a wallet and an API for bitcoin app developers.
8 Stock portfolio tracker Retail investing stock portfolio tracking mobile app. Rich in design with graphical representaions of stock performance.
9 Microfinance Online platform for borrowers and lenders for small amounts of upto Rs. 1 lakh
10 Carrier Billing Solution for merchants to accept micro payments for selling digial good. Payments are processed by telecom service provider (eg. Airtel)
11 Rental management software Platform for landlords and renters collect and pay rent respectively.
12 Personal Finance Manager Mobile app to manage and visualize perosnal finance and expenses
13 Business Expense Mangement Expense management app and corporate card for business
14 Micro savings Mobile app to everyday micro savings
15 Automated savings + Investing Mobile app for savings and the team takes care of investing the money
16 Prepaid mobile wallet Prepaid mobile wallet for online payments
17 Credit Card scanning and detail extraction Using image processing to extract details of credit/debit cards
18 Lifestyle payment app for payments at restaurant, theatres Mobile wallet which uses Host card emulation for payments at partner stores such as Restaurants
19 Parking Payments app Mobile wallet for payments made at parking
20 Mobile Banking Frontened Mobile banking frontend, with cash credit through cah load in to the account
21 Mobile money management Money management for users who have daily uncertain cash inflows
22 Bookkeepingservice for business Provide financial services along with tech enabled control to manage and upload documents for bookkeeping services
23 Real person for personal financial management SaaS product and financial expert to help you in perosonal finance and wealth management
24 Internet first bank Mobile app + Credit card with partnership with one bank for back end (for banking services)
25 for young people Mobile app + Credit card with partnership with one bank for back end (for banking services) with dual control (children + parents)
26 Find and Reduce Investment Fees Solution for consumers to find and expose irregular fees charged by financial instituions
27 Student Loan Consolidation and Refinancing Education loans marketplace.
28 Personal Credit Scoring Credit scoring + Financial products leads generation
29 Meta card One card to manage all credit, debit, loyalty and store credit cards
30 White label mobile wallet for banks White label mobile wallet soltion for banks, merchants for them to offer mobile wallets to their customers
31 Electronic Invoicing Solution Invoicing and dynammic discounting for Makerplaces by extending loans to thei rmerchants
32 Zero commision stock trading Zero commision stock brokerage mobile app
33 Theme based public market investing Basket based investing with higher liquidity than mutual funds
34 API for fintech app devs on top of debit/creidt cards Credit/debit card API for fintech application developers
35 Smart payment terminal New generation smart touch based point of sale platform with API for app developers
36 Personal asset Management + Insurance Personal asset management application with insurance leads for luxury products
37 Robo Advisor for Retail Investing Robo/alogorithmic advisors for retail investing
38 Insurance Aggregator + HRTech Insurance aggregator for employers along with payroll and recreuitment solutions
39 Mordern Business Banking Mobile app + Corporate card with partnership with one bank for back end
40 Personal Finance Management Solution for Banks/Fin Institutions White label solution for banks to offers personal finance management app to their customers
41 Banking API aggregator API for banking data with developers tools to integrate with bank infrastructure
42 Mobile app for gift cards Mobile app for sending and recieving gift cards, these cards can be used only at the partner stores