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Education track leveraging the Fintech accelerator

We are selecting 40 amazing campus startups from students who are in Final Year of Engineering across Kerala to be part of the FINTECH Studio Programme.

We have curated a list of 40 startup ideas in the financial technology space. What you have to do is to create a prototype of the idea and launch a beta version to the market within six months. The list of ideas can be found here

     These ideas can be taken up as final year projects by the teams as well as it would come under the Kerala Technology Startup Policy, through which final year projects can be done as startups in Startup Village.

There are six possible outcomes that await teams at the end of six months.

  1. Get funded
 - Your startup gets funded through a venture capital firm or an angel investor.
  2. Get into a Startup Accelerator
 - Your team is selected into a recognized Startup Accelerator.
  3. Get Aqqui-Hired
 - Your founding team is hired on by another company that values your skills.
  4. Become Self Sustainable
 - Your revenue and cashflows stabilize and then grow, allowing you to scale up.
  5. Get a job - 
You get hired at a great company because of the skills that you acquired while building your startup.
  6. Go for Higher Education 
 - You decide to build upon the skills you acquired by getting a formal degree.

At Startup Village, all of these are perfectly happy outcomes and we will help you reach one of the six based on the prototype that you create during the six months.

How it works

If you dream of running your own firm, read further.

  • You need to apply as a team to work on a fintech product idea which we will provide.
  • A team will have minimum 3 and maximum 5 members;

In a good startup, founders pay attention to five roles:

  • Product
 - The Product role is about detailing out the product ("What are you building?") & guiding it through constant iterative changes.
  • Engineering
 - The Engineering role builds out the product and understands business and technology tradeoffs.
  • Marketing & Sales
 - The Marketing & Sales role fleshes out to who and how the product is sold.
  • Governance - 
Governance is about building in legally & fiscally compliant processes that drive efficiency in your startup.
  • Design - 
The Design role thinks deeply about user experience and visual design of the product.

How do you pick a role?

We think it's best to follow your passion:

  • If you've always been excited about programming, pick the Engineering role. But do realize that good Engineering is not just about staring at code, but also about understanding how best to translate business goals into a great system.
  • If you're excited about the great new products that come out every day and constantly follow websites such as Angelist or Product Hunt, you might be fit for the Product role.
  • If you are an extrovert who loves to talk and meet new people, the Marketing & Sales role might be for you. However, a good marketing person also has great analytical skills and is able to build a logical and sensible sales plan.
  • If you have training in finance or as a chartered accountant or a lawyer, you should pick the Governance role.
  • If you have a background in Design, it's obvious which role you should pick.

Our Selection Criteria for short-listing teams.

  • We have a bias towards great teams, which have been together since school as the team chemistry would be great.
  • Teams, which have great profiles of individual members in all five roles have an advantage.
  • We definitely like a great programmer in the team. Having an outstanding programmer almost guarantees your team’s selection.
  • Awesome communication skills are highly valued.
  • Short Listed teams would have a final interview before selection.

Finalising your idea once your team is selected.

  • We have got 40 product ideas and your team can choose anyone. If more than one team selects and idea, we will let the teams discuss amongst themselves and come to a conclusion as to who gets to do what.
  • If your team is selected, you will be allotted a startup box for a duration of 6 months.
  • During this time you can work on your idea and we will mentor you as you move along.
  • These ideas will be part of the FIntech Studio with Federal Bank and the bank could be a launch customer for the products they like.
  • You can work on these ideas as your final year project.
  • Please note that you can have cross-university, cross college, and cross branch teams. This is possible as per the new Startup Policy. Incase you have any challenges, we will work with your University and resolve the same.

Why are we giving you such cool gadgets.

    At Startup Village, we believe that your talent and skills develop faster when you have the right tools. The Apple Iphone, Mac Air, Nexus phones etc are all great devices that help you sharpen your skills but possibly out of reach financially for you while in college.

     We hope you will take good care of these devices and give them back in great shape so that we can pass it one to new 40 teams in the eighth semester.

Good Luck!

StartupBox packed with

  • iPhone 6

  • Macbook Air 13 inch

  • iPad Mini 16 GB

  • Apple Display Adapter

  • Google Nexus 5 (16 GB)

  • 1 TB External Hard Disk

  • Basic Ardunio Starter Kit

  • Amazon Kindle


  • June 25 - July 6, 6 Pm : Application window open. Bootcamp CEOs collect team details. Max 5 member teams are to be formed and Bootcamp CEO informed.
  • July 14th, 11:59 Pm : Task submission deadline.
  • July 16th, 6:00 Pm : Shortlisted teams notified(by email/text).
  • 12th August 2015 : Programme commences.
    Selected students will be notified early well enough
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