I have a brilliant fintech idea? Can I work on it during the studio?

Yes you can. The selected Startup's would have access to a pool of ideas vetted by the bank, which could have more chances of success. However if a selected startup would like to work on their own idea they are more than welcome.

Do I have to be in Cochin for the programme duration?

The programme would consist of classroom training sessions and mentorship by industry experts. So to reap the full benefits of the programme we would recommend that you shift to Cochin for the duration. Cochin, "Queen of Arabian sea" has a lot to offer. We are sure you that you will enjoy your stay in the city.

What if my company doesn’t ultimately succeed?

Failure should be seen as just a feedback. We like what Eric Ries mentions in the Lean Startup book. Feedback can help you make your pivot or persevere decision. The program will build competence in you and your core team which may be useful for your lifetime. You may be potential partners for other startups or a sought after professional